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How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand With 100-200$ Budget?

How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand With 100-200$ Budget?

Some Beauties want to Start Eyelash Business To Make Money? Clinique Lashes Vendor is a Mink Lash Vendors and Eyelash ManufacturerWe Mainly Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes . This post I will give you some good ways to Start Your Own Eyelash Brand with 100USD-200USD budget.

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Lash Vendors In Usa Eyelash Vendors 25mm Lashes Lash Vendors

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1. Choose The Best Wholesale  Mink Lashes for Your Lash Line

There are all kinds of Mink Lash Vendors in the market, all of them said they are the Best Mink Lash Vendors, what should you do to find your own Mink Lash Vendors? How to make a perfect order from your Mink Lashes Vendors?

Lash Vendors In Usa Eyelash Vendors 25mm Lashes

Clinique Lashes have 16MM, 20MM,22MM,25MM mink lashes. 200 more styles mink furs and handmade. These styles very popular in market . You can choose the styles you like from below link and mixed styles are acceptable. I WhatsApp Susana will offer you our best wholesale price accordingly.All of our luxury 5D Mink lashes are the latest mink lashes style , designed by our own designer, made by hand, soft and comfortable, easy to apply.

Lash Vendors In Usa Eyelash Vendors 25mm Lashes

And Clinique Lashes , as one of the top five Lashes Vendor, we helped many girls and companies purchase Cheap Wholesale Mink Lash at a competitive wholesale price.our Luxury Mink Eyelash are very popular in the USA, all the lashes are the best style, and all in stock.No matter you make mink eyelashes Bulk Orders or small orders, we can ship to you in a short time, because we are Lashes Factory, and we have huge stock. we are confident with our luxury mink lashes, and we do have many regular customers.we do honest and long business with you, not the bad Eyelash Vendors, they use Best Lashes Sample to you, and when you make bulk orders, they change the material to the bad one, and you can’t find the difference unless you continue to follow us and read the skills we shared to you.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale

2.How To Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging?

Clinique Lashes has been committed to the Eyelash Packaging and sales of brands. We provide marketing plans (concerning both packaging and processing),OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services, and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for the small-medium companies of America.Our factory, located in Qingdao, China, is a very standardized and modernized Eyelashes Packaging Boxes Factory.It owns the world’s most advanced 3D printers, printing presses, and UV printers. And it comprises design, quality testing,and production teams, as well as three automatic production lines, which makes our product quality and production capacity, reach the world’s top level.

Custom Lash Packaging Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

We are an honest American eyelash box supplier and we will try our best to solve all problems that you encounter.And We will cooperate with the safest logistic companies, which provide efficient and friendly services to assure the safety of transportation and delivery.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging Usa

 Clinique Lashes supply all kinds of Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box,  You can choose the Eyelash Packaging from our below link.  We could customize for you with your logo and design.<<Quick Questions about Custom Eyelash Packaging>>

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

3. How To Get the total Wholesale Price to start your own Eyelash Business?

Text to me WhatsApp

  • Text to me Lash Styles Numbers  you like .We suggest you mixed 5-10 different styles in your first order. For Example : DW04, DW41,DW102, DX02, DX14, DN02,DN04,DY001, DY004, DY007, These are most popular 10 styles in 2021.  You can get the videos from our below Youtube.
  • Text to me Custom Eyelash Packaging Picture you want.
  • Text to me your logo or brand name. We have professionl design team , we could free design your Custom Eyelash Boxes and Logo.

After get your message I will give you below reply :

  • The Best Wholesale Price totally, includes Mink Lashes, Custom Eyelash Packaging, Shipping cost.
  • The Best Discount for you
  • The Free Gifts for you

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