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How To Highlight Your Virgin Wig In One Process ?

How To Highlight Your Virgin Wig In One Process ?

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When you purchase virgin hair from your vendor, further processing of the hair can make you a lot of profit. People are willing to spend a fortune on a good wig, and a well-processed highlighted hair is currently a great sell on the market. So in this tutorial, we will explain in length how to highlight your wig in 1 process. If you are interested, then keep on reading!

  • The first section of all the hair into 4 sections. This requires less effort to coloring the hair
  • Brushing the hair out and make sure there are no tangles
  • Preparing any kind of bleach and a 40 volume developer standby
  • Starting from the top, because the top should be the lightest of the hair
  • Putting into a middle part, and pin on side of the wig, so it doesn’t get in the way
  • Take a piece in the middle and putting the bleach all over the hair
  • Brush it through to make sure it’s all getting coated
  • Use some foil to get the processing going, the foil will trap the heat and make it process quicker
  • The 40 volume developer will make a lighter lift
  • Repeat the process to the top of the head, and doing so, make sure you bleach the end of the root first
  • Then move to the back still the same process, but moving it a little bit quicker to avoid over process or fry the hair
  • Put your timer on and leave the bleach on the wig for 45 minutes
  • Rinse the wig with naturalizing shampoo twice and some purple shampoo, you can let the purple shampoo sit, though the shampoo tends to tone down brassiness
  • After making your hair sit for 45 minutes, and rinse it out with naturalizing shampoo two times, and the purple shampoo, the coloring process is all done.


  • Then using a hot comb to flatten out the roots and you can see the color dimension from down
  • Now is a good time to start crimping the hair
  • Use hair soften products first to increase some smoothness to the hair and put it to the bottom


  • Then go back into the section of the hair and put it in clips like the beginning of this tutorial
  • Take a small section of the hair and use some hair spray to ensure the crimps stay in place, then begin the crimping
  • Repeat the process till finish all of the hair

And this is the final look, and due to different styles, everybody might have a different result, so this is where your creativity comes in.





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