How to Paste Natural Eyelashes?

How to paste Mink Lashes to real ones and create natural charm electric eye.

STEP 1.Remove a group of eyelashes with tweezers, be careful not to distort the eyelashes and stems. Tear off the root of the Lower Bottom Mink Lashes glue, because there will be a residual glue, LLower Under Bottom Eyelashes will affect the degree of adhesion. In addition, if the Lower Bottom Mink Lashes curl enough, you can brush a layer of mascara.

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STEP 2.Adjust the shape of Lower Bottom Mink Lashes, you can seize the head and tail slightly curled a few times to make eyelash terrier more soft, and make the eyelash terrier curvature of the eye to adapt to the curvature of the eye.

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STEP 3.Compared the length of Lower Under Bottom Eyelashes on the eyes and true eyelashes’, trimmed to the length which adapt to own eyes.

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STEP 4.Apply glue, glue should be applied evenly, do not apply too much or too little. After applying glue, wait a little dry glue to paste.

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STEP 5.Use tweezers sandwiched Lower Under Bottom Eyelashes according to the root of the eyelashes and the middle, tail. Note that the Lower Bottom Mink Lashes should be attached to the real eyelashes on the side for ensuring close. If you think the sticky too difficult, you can cut the Lower Bottom Mink Lashes into 3 sections, and then paste into the eye end,middle,began of the paragraph.

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STEP 6.After pasting good Lower Bottom Mink Lashes, gently press with tweezers to ensure false eyelash binding firm.

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STEP 7.Maybe sticky Lower Bottom Mink Lashes you’re done? of course not, we have to make Lower Bottom Mink Lashes become more natural. First use eyeliner pen remover eyeliner to cover up the traces of Lower Bottom Mink Lashes.

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STEP 8.Using mascara to brush up and down the eyelashes, can make true and Lower Bottom Mink Lashes glued together to increase curl feeling. If the eyelashes is not enough, Alice can use eyelash curler again light eyelashes. Finally gently brush off the excess fiber drop, wearing Lower Bottom Mink Lashes has completed.

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