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Step One: This is optional, however, apply any eye look beforehand. You may also curl your lashes and apply mascara to volume your own lashes. ( Only if needed.)

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Step Two: Choose the Clinique Lashes 3D Mink Lashes  you would like to wear! There are two ways to take it off. Number one will be taking the lash tray, and adding slight pressure into the outer corner of the lash band. This way you will allow the desired lash to latch off. Pull the remaining out, repeat to the other lash. Number two will be taking a pair of tweezers and slightly tweeze the outer corner out. This will then pull the eyelash off from the tray very easily.

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Step Three: Bring the lash to your eyes. If the lash is too long, remove it and use a pair of scissors to cut the outer edge. Please skip this step if the lash fits perfectly.

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Step Four: Apply a thin coat of lash adhesive glue along the edge of the strip lash. (Tip: Mainly focus on the outer corners, for extra secureness.) Wait several seconds before applying. This will allow the adhesive glue to become tacky.

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Step Five: Apply the lashes into your eyelid straight center. It should be as close to the edge of your natural eyelashes. You should then take the corners with your fingers or tweezers, and align the corners down to your eye curve. Glue will turn clear when it is completely dry.

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