Where does our mink hairs come from?

the collection of mink hair is cruelty free

According to the laws of nature ,2-year-old mink hair has a length of two centimeters,3-year-old mink hair has a length of three centimeters, Our 25mm lashes are made of 5cm hair, so only 5 years old mink can grow 5cm mink hair. The hair of an adult 5-year-old otter naturally falls off every spring and auttumn, and our workers work hard to collect these naturally-shed hairs and use them to make mink lashes.

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We never kill the mink. We take good care of her healthy growth. We only take the hair that is naturally shed by the adult otter. So killing the mink to get the 2cm length of mink hair,it is not scientific to make the mink eyelashes.

For us, killing a small mink is not advisable. it is a loss-making business. We certainly will not to do this. Therefore, from the perspective of cost, there is profit in the calculation of gross accounting . what do you think?

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Seasonal changes in the fur, the hair of the mink grows to a certain period of time will gradually get out of the hair follicle and replaced by new hair, called hair replacement. the otter takes off the hair twice a year, Spring wintering hair is long and summer hair, autumn is off summer hair,long winter hair, is cyclical seasonal hair change.

Spring hari changes: with the arrival of the breeding season,the embryonic hair of Summer fur began to form under the dermis. After the spring equinox, with the end of the breeding season, the winter hair began to fall off and the summer hair grew. The order of changing the hair starts from the head and the foot, gradually expands from front to back, and the hips and tails are finally replaced. The new summer hairs also grow in this order.

Autumn hair change:With the gradual shortening of sunshine time, generally in late August, the sunshine time is about 13.5 to 12.5 hours. The winter embryo hair begins to grow and develop in the skin.After the autumn, the summer hair falls off and the winter hair grows.Changing hair in the fall is faster than changing hair in the spring. The order of changing hair is exactly the opposite of the order of spring changing, starting from the tail and expanding.

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